When can I change my septum piercing?

After getting that septum piercing, you suddenly want to change it, probably because you don’t like the design or you got a bad reaction. So, the next thing in your head is, “when can I change my septum piercing?”.

Well, you can change your septum piercing when it is completely healed, let’s say in six to eight months. First, however, you should know that the most painful and delicate part of the healing process should be completed in about one to three weeks, while septum piercings take about six to eight months to heal fully.

The period to change your septum piercing depends on how well you adhere to the aftercare instructions, how much or little you touch the piercing while it heals, your general health status, and if you have any issues, such as infections, these all affect how fast you heal. But then, what if you got it for the first time?

How can I change my septum piercing for the first time?

You may be a bit nervous about changing your septum piercing for the first time but worry not. This is something you can do with little or no help. Follow the steps below to change your septum piercing.

Step 1: You want to make sure that your hands are clean. To prevent any form of contamination or infection.

Step 2: You also want to clean or disinfect the septum jewelry, with a sanitizer and soft cotton, because of infections.

Step 3: If you are going to insert jewelry into a septum piercing, position both sides as evenly as the design will allow, with the jewelry gap facing up.

Step 4: Open it slowly, sufficient to allow it to fit in. Ensure you twist the ends sideways rather than pull them apart.

Step 5: At this point, you’ve got to relax if you’re still nervous. Your septum nose piercing ought to be wholly or nearly healed by now. However, it could be challenging and take a while since you can’t see the hole.

Step 6: To locate the hole, try alternatively lifting the side of your nose or pinching right beneath your septum and pulling it down.

Step 7: Locate the hole by carefully feeling around within your nose. You’ve got to be patient.

Step 8: You want to avoid pinching your nose. Remember that your hole has a slight rainbow shape rather than straight. If you put your finger on the side of the hole opposite the spot, you might be able to feel when the end is coming through.

Is changing septum jewelry difficult?

Changing septum jewelry is not difficult, as It will be simple to exchange jewelry on a septum nose piercing that has fully healed compared to one that hasn’t. However, not everyone understands how it works. You should know that the hole will gradually close up if you don’t insert a new piece of jewelry for some time. As said earlier, you won’t typically require help with jewelry changeouts once you get the hang of it.

The unpleasant pain associated with septum piercings is one reason why many people hate to change it, especially if they went through a hailstorm to get the first one fixed. However, every piercing causes some discomfort for a brief period. Therefore, it would be best if you were more concerned about how you will take care of it.

How should I take care of my new septum piercing?

After successfully changing it, you should know how to care for your septum piercing to avoid continuous replacement. Except it’s just for fashion. Anyways, to care for your new septum piercing, you’ve got to maintain it by spritzing the area about 3-6 times per day with a high-quality saline rinse throughout the healing period of your septum piercing. You should further perform two complete sea salt solution soaks per day for the first three weeks, at the very least.

You want to ensure that nothing from a bottle is being used absolutely. Avoid using antibacterial soap, Bactine, Neosporin, alcohol, and other similar substances. None of these things should be put on or close to the fresh piercing. Non-iodized seal salt solution was the sole cleaning agent required. Before handling or adjusting your new piercing, thoroughly and consistently wash your hands.

What happens if you change a septum piercing too soon?

The after-effect of changing a septum piercing too soon is not something you would want to experience. A sudden change in a septum or nose ring can result in an infection, inflammation, bleeding or clotting, or irritation at the piercing point. This is because the nasal piercings are sensitive and can quickly close if the jewelry is removed before fully healing, so puncturing that place over and over is not healthy.

Further complications may follow:

  • Removal of the old piercing will probably reveal some of the healing and scabbing that has taken place, resulting in an infection. In addition, the hole may become infected if the replacement ring is not thoroughly cleaned and sterilized.
  • Then, because the hole will be irritated and swollen, it will be more challenging to find, making it harder to place the new ring. There will undoubtedly be more misery as a side effect.

What if my septum piercing starts to smell?

This is a bad sign. Your skin is more prone to irritation when you use poor-quality metal-made septum rings, trigger an allergic reaction, and emit an unpleasant odor. Over time, coated metals will peel off, exposing the primary metal, which could cause your skin to react.

Despite completing the healing phase, some persons who have pierced their septums claim to smell something peculiar. The smell is most likely caused by a buildup of oils and dead skin cells near the jewelry, barring any indications of an illness.

Alcohol and hydrogen peroxide are excellent for disinfecting and eliminating the germs that cause the disgusting smell. This should also remove most of the jewelry’s dirt, greasy discharges, dead cells, and oils. You also want select only septum rings made of top-notch materials.


Q – Does changing your septum piercing hurt?

Most piercings are painful. After all, a needle is used to puncture your skin, and you have to get used to having metal stuck in your skin. Of course, every one of us has a different threshold for pain, so it’s essential to consider your own. Still, a septum shouldn’t hurt significantly more than a typical nose piercing and shouldn’t penetrate cartilage.

Q – Can I change my septum piercing after a day?

This is very risky, especially if it is your first time. You wouldn’t want to expose yourself to inflammation, infection, irritation, and other sickness or diseases. Therefore, you must wait for a while before changing your piercing.

Q – Can I change my septum piercing after two weeks?

Absolutely no. Altering the jewelry might halt the healing process and expose the area to infection. We recommend waiting at least three additional weeks before switching out the jewelry if you have had your septum pierced for less than two months to give the wound time to heal and lower the chances of infection.

Q – Can I change my septum piercing after two months?

If you notice that your septum piercing has healed, you can change it. But we advise that you hold off as long as you can. Many individuals recover totally after a septum piercing in 2 to 3 months,  but it might take 6 to 8 months for some people.

Q – Which metal should you change to for your septum piercing?

Surgical stainless steel is the best and safest metal for septum piercing. It is resilient, nonporous, and non-absorbable, with a low nickel release rate. The quality should be adequate for your septum if it can be put into your body through surgery.

Q – How much should I budget for a change of septum piercing?

A septum piercing is marginally more expensive than a nose piercing. While the price ranges from $40 to $90, excluding the cost of the jewelry, it could increase based on the aftercare treatments you choose to get.


That’s all there is to know about changing your septum piercing. If the septum piercing heals well and can be done while taking all necessary precautions, it can look fantastic. In addition, you will feel comfortable wearing various jewelry pieces once it has healed.

Adhering to the tips we’ve provided can make your septum piercing look stunning and fitting. However, if you’ve got more questions about septum nose piercing, do well to visit a professional.

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